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The student news site of Willow Springs Middle School


The student news site of Willow Springs Middle School


First Club Day of the Year

First Club Day of the Year

Lily Sanders and Emily James September 16, 2021

Last Friday, students signed up for their top two choices for Club Day. Last year, there was only one club day the whole year, right before fall break in November, but this year we're kicking off Club...

Scholastic Book Fair Begins in Library

Scholastic Book Fair Begins in Library

Cora Craver and Laura Portera September 3, 2021

Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, and many more genres of books are on sale at the book fair. You can shop at the book fair between September 3 through 10 in the library, before,  during lunch,...

What Electives Are Upcoming 8th Graders Going To Pick?

Jacey Dillard March 17, 2021

In March, 7th grade students at WSMS will be choosing the elective courses they take next year. WSMS offers various elective options to the students, such as fine arts, athletics, STEM, and more. “I...

Library Books Lost Each Year

Jessie South, Newspaper Writer February 24, 2021

Although WSMS has an extremely organized library system, a surprising number of books get lost each year from students.                               The Willow Springs...

7th Grade Girls Basketball

Elouise Friloux and Grace Peay February 24, 2021

There are so many areas of the game of basketball to personalize, like shooting form, ball-handling moves, defensive style, court vision, and more. Every girl on the 7th grade girls teams do just that....

7th Grade Boys Basketball

Taylor Pettit and Grayson Stanford February 24, 2021

WSMS 7th Grade Boys Basketball has kicked off with a new season. Many players are excited to get back on the court, but new rules created because of the COVID-19 pandemic make playing and practicing way...

Diversity Action Team

Dana Colston November 11, 2020

Since August, once a month over Zoom, Lovejoy ISD comes together to promote diversity in the community through its first Diversity Action Team. The Diversity Action Team works to embrace our differences,...

How WSMS Students Feel about the Cellphone Policy

Ben Winder, Newspaper Writer November 9, 2020

Many WSMS students have different thoughts about the school phone policy, which was put in place last year, and banned the use of phones at school. “I’m okay with the policy. Overall, I think it’s...

Sr Morales: The New Spanish Teacher

Katelyn Coleman, Newspaper Writer November 9, 2020

This year, WSMS has adopted a new Spanish teacher, Sr. Morales. Since so many students signed up for Spanish as their elective, Sra. Vizcaino and Sr. Morales will be teaching beginner Spanish. “Although...

Club Day

Meadow Louria and Emerson Smith November 9, 2020

As students who attend Willow Springs know, the first Club Day of the semester is coming up! WSMS kids are eager to join and participate in exciting activities of their choice. Club Day is a day where...

Red Ribbon Week

Eloise Friloux and Grace Peay November 9, 2020

Click on the link to read the article! Red and Black Grunge Pattern Drug Awareness Poster

WSMS Band Continues to play with Covid 19 Precautions

Marisela Alexander, Newspaper Writer November 5, 2020

Willow Springs’ fine arts programs are following COVID-19 safety precautions, but the WSMS band is taking the most interesting steps to avoid COVID-19 while still making music. Students are using...

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