Hong Kongers protest for rights

Angelina Wang, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

On March 29, 2019, the Hong Kong government published the Extradition Bill, which has greatly impacted the citizens of Hong Kong. “I think the Extradition Bill is about transferring criminals from Hong Kong to other countries,” said Brooke Starr, 7.  Hong Kongers are protesting about the Extra...

The Golden Globe awards

Campbell Lester, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

The Golden Globes kicks off the acting awards season to recognize actors for their hard work and dedication. “I enjoy seeing actors get recognized for something they did that was impressive,” said Jack Thompson, 7. On Jan. 5th, 2020 the 77th Annual Golden Globes took place. It is the first officia...

Drowning in Plastic

Libby Johnson, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

Training for the Summer Olympics

William Carlson, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

Athletes worldwide are training to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be hosted in Tokyo, China. It starts on July 24 and ends on August 9. “The Summer Olympics is where all the teams play [mostly] outdoor events, such as soccer,” said Dax Dunham, 7. More than 200 nations will b...

Tensions grow between Iran and the United States

Luke Wright, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

Recently, conflict has risen between Iran and the United States after President Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iranian major general, Qasam Soleimani, early this year. "It was the time to take this action,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, "The risk of doing nothing was enormous." Ten...

Australia is in Flames

Abby Rodriguez and Presley Zadorozny

February 3, 2020

Global warming has been recognized as one of the biggest problems in our modern-day world. A perfect example of its impact is in Australia and the hazardous fires that have destroyed 12.35 million acres. “It’s upsetting seeing so many habitats and lives being destroyed. I think it’s very import...

Students get a new advisory as the new semester starts off

Selene Thompson, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

After winter break, WSMS advisory classes changed and since then, students have been adjusting to the change in their schedule. “The administrators felt the change in advisory would be a nice change for teachers and students alike -- a change of scenery, a chance to get to know other students an...

Mars 2020

Michael Malka, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

NASA plans to send another rover to Mars this year and is currently in the planning stage for the mission. NASA’s rover mission, temporarily named Mars 2020, will collect samples of rock, soil, and any other valuable resources. We can expect it to search for current lifeforms and past microbial li...

Plant meets pork: New Impossible meat revealed at CES 2020

Alissa Chang, Leopard Life Co Editor

February 3, 2020

At this year’s CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, from Jan. 7-10, Impossible Foods showcased their new Impossible Pork as a plant-based alternative to conventional pork. “The use of animals in food production is by far the most destructive technology on Earth. By far both in terms of climate ...

Discoveries that will change our world

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

In the past decade, scientists and researchers around the world have made extraordinary scientific discoveries that will make an immense impact on our society. "Black holes of such mass should not even exist in our galaxy, according to most of the current models of stellar evolution," said author Jifen...

Dallas Cowboys part ways with Jason Garrett

Christian Giordano, Staff Writer

February 3, 2020

The Dallas Cowboys football team hired new head coach Mike McCarthy on January 7, 2020, replacing Jason Garrett. After Garret’s eight year career, results were less than stellar. “Jason Garrett was a terrible coach because he couldn’t control his offense or defense,” said Dax Dunham, 7. ...

March music madness: Students prepare for UIL

Alissa Chang, Co-Editor

February 3, 2020

Each year in March, WSMS music programs compete at UIL, and throughout the years, they won the sweepstakes award many times. “The purpose of UIL contest is to determine if students are developing the fundamental skills needed to play an instrument,” said Martha Ball, WSMS band director. The...

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