New teachers and staff at WSMS (part 2)

Zaina Waheed, Staff Writer

November 11, 2019

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The Rise of Minecraft

Noah Horner, Leopard Life Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

As Minecraft celebrated its 10th birthday in May, many more players began to play again, attracting new players, as well. “My favorite thing to do in minecraft is to mine because I can find diamonds and kill monsters,” said Avery Fuller, 8. In 2018, 112 million people played Minecraft per m...

Fall Band Concert

Michael Malka, Leopard Life Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

WSMS hosted a Fall Band Concert on September 30 at LHS from 6:30-7:30 to show off their talented members. “The students played very well!  They had an excellent grasp on all the notes and rhythms, and they played with appropriate style for each piece as well.  They played with great dynamics and it...

Willow Springs Orchestra compete in the All-Region Competition

Luke Wright, Leopard Life Co Editor

November 4, 2019

Lovejoy ISD held several of their top orchestra performers to audition for this year’s All-Region at Allen High School on October 19. “I think we can do really well this year because we are more prepared than last year and have more people auditioning,” said Alex Simpkins, 8. Last year 4...

Global Climate Strike

Libby Johnson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

This past Sept. 20, millions of kids across the world gathered together to protest one issue: ignorance towards climate change. National Geographic states, "carbon dioxide warms the planet, and we've increased the amount in the air by nearly half, mostly since the 1960s.”  The climate crisis...

WSMS presents: “Annie Jr.”

Presley Zadorozny and Libby Johnson

November 4, 2019

The WSMS theatre program is producing a new musical, “Annie,” directed by Lisa Nalls and will perform Nov. 14-16 at the LHS auditorium. “I think of “Annie” as sort of an “Aladdin” story. Like “Aladdin”, “Annie” has the theme of rising above and finding your inner worth, no matter ...

Kids are taking control of the environmental crisis

Campbell Lester, Leopard Life Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

Kids are striking against adults’ decisions in the environmental crisis because they are not satisfied with the choices and actions the adults are making. “Our leaders are definitely not doing enough for this problem. They probably have more important things to attend to,” said Mareliz Bass...

Vaping Awareness

Selene Thompson, Leopard Life Staff Writer

October 31, 2019

In the past few years, the rates of vaping have risen, leading to an epidemic across the nation due to its appeal on youth.   “It’s advertised widely and the dangers of vaping haven’t been revealed until now, so no one really knew the dangers of it before,” said Layne Doffing, 8.  A...

Construction on Texas Central high-speed train begins

Alissa Chang, Leopard Life Co Editor

October 31, 2019

Texas Central, a private railway company, is beginning construction on a 200 mph high-speed train that connects Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes. “...It would be easier to see family because my grandma or us has to drive three hours to visit each other, so that would make it a lot easier,” said...

WSMS hosts spelling bee competition

Luke Wright, Leopard Life Co Editor

October 31, 2019

Willow Springs spelling bee auditions held on October 21 recognizes students in our school that specialize in spelling and allow them to compete. “I thought it would be a challenge to tryout, and I ended up making the team,” said James Brunson, 8. The Spelling Bee competition will be held on...

Amazon Rainforest burns

Presley Zadorozny, Leopard Life Staff Writer

September 27, 2019

The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil has been burning for the past month. Many suggest that the cause of the fires may not be natural, but others blame it on the dry season. A variety of trees and many creatures have perished because of the tremendous fire. “Amazon Rainforest has lots of endangered ...

New teachers and staff at WSMS

New teachers and staff at WSMS

Christian Giordano and Zaina Waheed

September 27, 2019


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