The Rise of Zoom

Angelina Wang, Leopard Life Staff Writer

May 11, 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic, more than 200 million people actively use the remote conferencing platform Zoom to connect with friends and family. “Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, ...

Billie Eilish, the most popular music star for teens

Campbell Lester, Leopard Life Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

At only 17 years old, Billie Eilish is known as one of the most successful and popular rising stars in the music world. “Her style is very different which makes her stand out above the rest,” said Mia Nowak, 7. Billie Eilish is known for her intimidating demeanor and haunting music style. Howe...

Post Malone as the top artist

Noah Horner, Leopard Life Staff Writer

December 13, 2019

Post Malone has been climbing the Billboard rasnkingd out of 100 other artists to reach the best starting the 10th of November.  “I like Post Malone because he has good music, his lyrics hit deep, and he was in sunflower,” said Cameron Lopez, 8. Post Malone was born on July 24, 1995, in Ne...

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