Inspiring Teachers

Emerson Smith, Newspaper Writer February 24, 2021

Teachers are hardworking people who strive to educate future generations. Most teachers simply teach what they’re required to teach, grade student work, prepare lessons, attend meetings, verify attendance,...

A Day in the Life of a High School Athlete: What it’s Like to Balance School and Sports

Dana Colston, Newspaper Writer February 24, 2021

High school: a maze full of twists and turns. Being a student-athlete can add extra obstacles to the maze. Maggie Manders, a sophomore and soccer player at Lovejoy High School, gives us insight into what...

Students Learning Struggles and How to Help

Kate Shaddock and Zala Batoor February 24, 2021

Learning in a classroom environment can be hard sometimes, especially for students who don’t understand their teacher’s teaching style. But those students maintain good grades by studying and utilizing...

Lovejoy Fine Arts Festival showcases WSMS students

Alissa Chang and Evelyn Tsai December 13, 2019

On Friday, Dec. 6 and 7, Lovejoy ISD hosted its 10th Fine Arts Festival, showcasing performances, galleries, and concerts from Lovejoy students. “The Fine Arts Festival is a way for students to show...

Submit your creative work here!

September 26, 2019

Do you have a piece of work that you would like showcased on this website? Fill out this form! Any type of creative work is welcome including writing (of any genre), artwork, photography, etc.

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