Project TAG

LeopardLife Brinley, Bethanie, Staff Writers

February 19, 2019

At WSMS, students are participating in project TAG which stands for take and give. In TAG they leave inspirational drawings and quotes around for other people to take. “It’s made a lot of people smile and spread a lot of kindness and encouragement around the school,” said Ms.Slaver. TAG is not ...

Cell Phones Used in Classes

LeopardLife Audrey McCaffity, Co-Editor in Chief

February 19, 2019

Due to a small number of students failing to use cell phones appropriately in school, students must put phones away during the day.   Making students put their cell phones in pockets is not effective. The majority of students have not used their cell phones to create interruptions during the school day....

Dehydration sweeps through the school

LeopardLife Audrey McCaffity, Ella Zhang, Co-Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

While many people believe that they drink enough water, 75% of Americans are living in a state of chronic dehydration. Staying hydrated can greatly benefit people’s physical and mental health, prevent sickness and headaches, and boost your brain’s performance. “I think it’s important t...

Library PCs Changed to Laptops

LeopardLife Mathias Alling, Co-Editor in Chief

February 19, 2019

The library has replaced many PCs with laptops this year because of convenience to the students. The library has replaced the PCs because a majority of the students come to work on group projects. The laptops allow them to move anywhere in the library to work such on a couch or on the tables inste...

Many students practice for UIL

LeopardLife Simi Fadel, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

Students in the Fine Arts are practicing to compete in UIL competitions this March at Mckinney High School in Order to Secure their Title and earn perfect scores. “I feel very confident this year that Orchestra will earn a top score for the UIL performance,” said Alexandra Harris, 8, “We have...

New students join the district

LeopardLife Mathias Alling, Co-Editor and Chief

February 19, 2019

Many new students have come to WSMS at the beginning of this semester. “Well, first of all, I have to say that WSMS does a good job welcoming new students. We have a lot of new students already because we are a growing district so there may know what it feels like to be new,” said WSMS counselor...

Project tag strikes back

LeopardLife Luke Wright, Christian Giordano, Staff Writers

February 19, 2019

Mrs. Slaver, the art teacher at WSMS, brings back Project TAG for its second year in action. She wants to spread hope to people that need it. The art classes do that by making small art pieces with inspirational quotes on them. “Project tag is kind of multifaceted for me,” said Art Teacher Jenny Slaver. ...

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