How is Surfing the Internet Dangerous?


Graphic: Zahara Abedin

Laura Portera and Morgan Ward

Surfing the internet can be helpful and informational, but things aren’t always what they seem, so beware of trolls, hackers, and fake ads. 

For instance, have you ever been online shopping or on an online game and seen the pop up ads? Have you ever wondered what those ads lead to? There’s a chance those ads are scams which could cause frustration and possibly money loss. 

Interland: A site for safety:

If you are struggling to control or depend on your social media then maybe you should try this site that shows you how to protect, block, and deal with internet struggles. Interland is an ad free, educational site that is meant to raise awareness and help you learn about all of the dangers that the internet has in store. Here is the link to Interland: 

There are four different worlds with several challenges to complete and lessons to learn. 

You are shown as a little internaut, or geometric character, that blocks trolls, changes passwords, gives others positive vibes against cyber bullies, and avoids phishers. 

So stay safe by playing safe. 

We asked the counselors why so many sites are blocked on Lovejoy accounts.

Mrs. Miller said that it is important for students to stay off games and focus on their studies. 

Many students play games and look at sites during school hours, so naturally dozens of sites have been blocked. 

We ask a student if playing games on a computer during class is their go to bored activity. 

An anonymous student says, “Oh yes, if I have nothing to do and I’ve finished all of my work then I will start to play games.”