Mask Mandates Being Lifted on Airplanes


Issy Mirfin

Recently, the mask mandates are being altered, or even lifted. According to CBS news, lots of domestic airlines have decided that it’s now optional for passengers and workers to wear a mask while on the plane. Many people are thrilled with this news but others are worried that there is going to be another variant of COVID-19. However, people may decide that they still want to wear their mask to be safe. 

However, some airlines still have the ability to make the passengers wear their masks to international destinations. Even though the mandate has been lifted, health officials still encourage you to wear your mask on public transportation. With the mandate being lifted, people now do not have to get in trouble for their mask not covering their nose, or not even being on their face. This saves fights between flight attendants, and passengers. The problem with them taking away the mandate is that the new variant BA.2 is going to get stronger and be even harder to fight off. 

Here are some airlines that are now not requiring masks:

“In the wake of the judge’s decision on Monday, airlines United, Southwest, American, Alaska, Delta and JetBlue announced that effective immediately, masks would no longer be required on domestic flights,” reported NBC.