Uber Lifts Mask Mandates


Iris Lee and Zahara Abedin

Uber has recently lifted mask mandates because of a new lift on masks in general. A judge has officially overturned mandating masks on transportation and now it’s no longer required. Although this is now the case, the CDC still recommends masks just to be safe.

“Monday’s ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle that 

The CDC’s mask mandate was “unlawful” followed by major airlines and Amtrak announcing they were dropping their mask requirements.”

It is not only Uber dropping the mandates, many other transportation companies have also followed suit.The Transportation Security Administration announced Monday that it will no longer enforce the mask mandate. The nation’s largest airlines — United, Delta, Southwest and American — said it was now up to passengers to decide if they wanted to wear a mask or not. However, people still have the ability to wear a mask if they choose to. Uber and Lyft are also becoming less strict on requiring passengers to stay seated in the back seat due to covid. 

The passenger may take a seat next to the driver if there are no seats left. Uber also suggested having passengers roll down windows due to air flow, and utilize sanitizer. In the end, Uber advises people to wear a mask even if there isn’t a mask mandate. This is because there is still a high probability if one person isn’t wearing a mask that illnesses can be passed.

We decided to ask some students about how they felt about uber dropping mask mandates, and other places such as airplanes as well.

We had a long interview with Manas Rai, an 8th grader on how he felt about the topic. Manas said that dropping the Uber ride mask mandate was okay, but he felt it would be better to keep the mask mandate, especially because of the new corona variant. Manas also felt that the airplanes dropping the mandates was a little weird, but he was okay with it because he hated wearing masks on airplanes.

In conclusion, the new mandates have received mixed responses and emotions. However, Uber will still continue to drop the mask mandate, but they still suggest to continue the safe practices the CDC suggested.