What Happened to Public Orchestra Performances?


Photo: Marisela Alexander

Lily Sanders

Band, choir and orchestra are the musical fine arts options here at WSMS. Band and choir are given the opportunity to perform at pep rallies, but orchestra is often found performing only at quarterly concerts and annual UIL. It would be great to see orchestra performing more often for the school, and having more concerts to show off their amazing musical skills. But nonetheless, the school orchestra does get some sort of recognition, but the students at WSMS don’t really get to see what orchestra is all about.

“Orchestra is spends more time preparing their pieces, therefore our performances are of higher quality than band. For example, during UIL, both orchestra groups got sweepstakes. However, only band’s top group got sweepstakes. Their second group got dirty sweepstakes!” Said Claire Wu, 7. 

Also, orchestra students end up being overlooked and even ignored due to the high recognition of band. Having these public performances would help not only orchestra students get the recognition they deserve, but gives WSMS students the opportunity to see the smooth and crystal clear music that orchestra can produce. All I’m saying is that music is valuable and it should be honored and shared with others.

“Even though I am in band, all the orchestra has such great sounds, and it is sad for their talents not to be shared. I think orchestra concerts should be way more common, they sound so musical,” Said Darby Collins, 7. 

Overall, orchestra just requires a little bit of luck, a lot of hard work, and a good deal of self-motivation to be successful, but it would be great if WSMS could see how much it takes to do well in playing string instruments. We hope we can see more public orchestra performances in the future!