Fine Arts Six Flags Trip


Emily James

The all-time-favorite Texan park is coming up soon for our WSMS students! On Saturday, May 21, 2022, WSMS students from Band and Orchestra will be taking a trip to Six Flags to celebrate all their hard work gone into the year. This year our Band and Orchestra students/staff have worked with incredible effort to achieve honors such as #1 superiority ranks in programs like UIL and Eisemann. To pay off all their hardships, they will be celebrating by experiencing a theme park of a lifetime! 

[Just a reminder, if you are wanting to go on this trip (and are eligible to do so) you must apply by the deadline of April 20th. The tickets will cost $45.00 for non-season ticket holders, and $25.00 for season ticket holders. If you are looking for the link to register, it should be in the emails sent by your teachers.]

Many WSMS students are excited to try out the attractions at Six Flags, some of which include intense roller coasters. We asked WSMS students about what attractions they might be interested in:

“I probably will do what my friends choose, or I will pick the most intimidating one since I know some people might not go on it. I’m such a nice friend that I bring people outside their comfort zone,” says Steven Chang, 8.

In contrast to some WSMS students, others will actively be avoiding intense roller coasters. Claire Wu, 7, says,

“I don’t want to go on any of the rides, but my friend has already planned out our entire schedule and it includes many, many rides that I do not consent to. The same friend is also forcing us to bring money to pay for lockers.”

Although the attractions at Six Flags sound like a blast, remember to stay safe! There have been several reported cases of severe injury/death involving some of the rides at the park. Always make sure you feel safe/comfortable before taking off and be sure to fit all the safety requirements. There will be a few articles on safety listed below. Overall, it seems like our students will be having a fun time! Be sure to congratulate them on all of their accomplishments and intense practicing.


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