MLB Kicks Off


Creighton Black

Following the 2021 World Series, with the Atlanta Braves winning over the Houston Astros, baseball fans are excited to finally get into the 2022 season. Especially after the lockout, which had fans wondering if they would even get a season this year at all. Now we can finally get into the swing of spring/summer baseball. 

So far the leaders for the American League conference leaders are the Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago White Sox, and the Houston Astros. The National League leaders are the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, and the Colorado Rockies. With there being a tie between The Rockies and White Sox for first place. However, it is too early to tell who will be the best team in the league baseball fans are gearing up for an amazing season.

Our own Texas Rangers haven’t started off too hot, ranking 5th in American League West, going 3-9 in just a few days. Hopefully, the season will start to look up, and soon.