Bump Up Day


Bump up day is when students from 8th grade get a taste of high school. On April 18, eighth graders visited the high school for a tour of the electives, just to set next year in stone. Even though they’ve already registered, it’s still not too late to change an elective around through a form, which will stay open until May 2, on the Class of 2026 Google Classroom. Students took a tour around the school, ate lunch, went into the auditorium, gym, and all around the building to get familiar with the layout.

“I liked Bump Up Day because it helped me see what next year would be like,” said Carrington Burg, 8.

Eighth graders went to first period, followed by a pep rally with the entire school, before splitting off into their homeroom classrooms to be bussed off to the high school. They were lead by two Student Council members around the building, being introduced to teachers and students, and being told what different electives were. Once you got into the auditorium, you could ask a panel of different students who all did a bunch of different things any questions you had.

“I think [Bump Up Day] gets you motivated for high school,” said Mrs. Perez, eighth grade science teacher.

Despite the scheduling issues, Bump up Day was a great opportunity for our 8th graders to get a feel of what their freshman year will be like.