WSMS Students’ Future Careers


Iris Lee and Zahara Abedin

Everyone has a place where they want to be in the future. Such as jobs, pets, family, location, and more. However, sometimes their decision on what people want to be changes. We interviewed various students at WSMS to get an understanding of what they want to be.

We interviewed the following people: Effe Sutton (8), Audrey Casey (7),  Katie Mitchell (7), and Bennett Crawford (7).

LL: What is your dream job in the future?

Effe Sutton: I don’t know.

Audrey Casey: I don’t know.

Katie Mitchell: My dream job is to be a vet.

Bennett Crawford: I want to be a baseball player.

LL: What do you want to accomplish in the future?

Effe Sutton: I want to make lots of money and buy a lot of pets. I want them running around my big house.

Audrey: I would want to make enough money to buy a lot of pets.

Katie Mitchell: I want to save and rescue animals by giving them homes and keeping them healthy.

Bennett Crawford: I want to have a good family.

LL: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Effe Sutton: I would still be in Texas.

Audrey Casey: I see myself living up north in an apartment with several dogs.

Katie Mitchell: In 20 years, I see myself owning my parent’s house with my family. 

Bennett Crawford: I see myself playing baseball.

When thinking about jobs, people might focus on making a lot of money just to have it or to buy something you want or need. Another tip to keep in mind is that jobs in general also revolve around your passion. Many people might choose jobs just for the money, but it is also important to do something you love. Sure, making money keeps you alive, but at the end of the day it doesn’t make you happy.