Kansas Defeats North Carolina, Wins National Title


Braden Buchek

On Monday, April 4, #1 Kansas defeated #8 seeded North Carolina in the National Championship game, 72-69. 

North Carolina had beaten several excellent teams to get here, including #1 Baylor and #2 Duke, while Kansas had a relatively easier bracket, with #10 Miami and #2 Villanova as their biggest wins. 

In the game, it was fairly close for the first five minutes, but North Carolina quickly sped the game up to create a 15 point lead at halftime. However, Kansas has become known for having crazy second halves, as they have come back from deficits at halftime in the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight to win.

The same thing happened in this game.

Kansas got very hot, very fast, just as North Carolina went cold. Kansas came back and managed to take the lead, but North Carolina had a chance to tie it with 20 seconds left. They missed their three point shot, but Kansas stepped out of bounds with 4.2 seconds left. North Carolina then devised a play where one of their top players, Brady Manek, would run and shoot a corner three. However, he fell running to the corner, which messed up the entire play, causing North Carolina to take a bad shot, which they missed. Kansas wins, 72-69.