Harry Styles Releases Single “As It Was” to Prepare for Third Album


Sydney Cole

After much anticipation, Harry Styles announced some more information about his newest album on March 23. Harry’s House, which will be released on May 20, is just his third album, after almost a five year solo career. Shortly after the announcement, he returned to social media to tell us that on Thursday, March 31, at 6 PM he would give us the first single off of the album, named “As It Was.”

I feel the most comfortable I’ve been with myself and happiest with what I’m making,” said Styles in an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash-Up.

Of course, once you start listening to the song, you immediately fall in love with it, so it was no surprise that “As It Was” easily broke single-day streaming records with 21.6 million streams worldwide. 

As soon as you hit play, you are met with the voice of a child, who Styles later revealed was the voice of his goddaughter, Ruby Winston, who had a streak of calling him every night during quarantine to say goodnight, one night, when he missed the call, she left him that voicemail, which has now made it into the record-breaking song.

As you further into the song, you realize that despite the upbeat, happy feel of the music, it’s not that at all. In fact, Harry is referencing his own faults and changes during his life, as well as his family and his growing up.

“As It Was” is without a doubt Styles’ most vulnerable and honest song, he approaches his own insecurities in a beautiful way, even calling himself out to say his own name in the song. He talks about his own loneliness and how even though he feels the need to be by himself, it doesn’t help him in any way.

Along with the song, we were given a beautiful music video, which I interpreted to be Styles coming into his own. In the beginning of the music video, he was latching on to a woman, who was supposed to be his partner, even though she was trying to get away from him. They were stuck together on this literal and metaphorical treadmill.

At the end of the video, he’s on his own, and he’s dancing, and he’s happy, and he’s himself, and he’s finally who he wants to be, and it’s emotional. It’s the most perfect beginning to a new album you could imagine because Harry is basically telling us that he’s happy where he is and we’re happy for him and it’s wonderful.

We have about a month until the album is released and it’s exciting and scary and amazing. Harry’s House, I’m sure, is going to be the second best third album ever, second of course to Speak Now by Taylor Swift.