Junior Cotillion Develops Healthy Habits in Teenagers


Lily Sanders

Imagine being in a fancy clubhouse and learning how to do ballroom dancing, getting to wear fancy outfits, and enjoying food and drinks. At Junior Cotillion, you can do all of these things and more. Junior Cotillion has given students the opportunity to learn how to develop good character and great manners that are very beneficial looking forward, especially in a professional setting. On April 3, 2022, the Spring Ball was held for those students who have practiced and perfected their dancing skills. They were served desserts, they danced, and the winners of the Junior Cotillion contests were announced. 

“My favorite part about Junior Cotillion is that I get to use the skills I learn in everyday life. I go to a few formal events yearly so it is important for me to retain these skills,” said one Junior Cotillion student.

Students had to opportunity to write an essay about their best mannered teacher, and many Lovejoy students chose their WSMS teachers to write about. At the Spring Ball, the winner was announced and may be published in the Junior Cotillion newspaper. 

“Yes, I did [win the Spirit Of The Party Award],” said an anonymous Junior Cotillion student. “I felt pretty happy because that day I tried my hardest to be good and listen to what they were saying.”

At Junior Cotillion, students have learned many things over the year, from doing the East Coast Swing, to learning how to cut a steak. Even the best behaved students received the “Spirit of The Party” award, and they were awarded a bag of delicious popcorn to enjoy.

Overall, students in Junior Cotillion have a secret weapon for the future that they never knew they had. If you are interested in applying for Junior Cotillion, talk to your parents and ask them to contact [email protected] to apply for Junior Cotillion. A Parents’ Reception will be hosted at 7PM on Thursday, April 7, 2022 for those interested in placing their students in this class. Maybe we’ll see some familiar faces next year!