Flash Actor Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii Bar


Dane Healey

On Monday, March 29 in Hilo, Hawaii, Hawaiian police received a call about a disorderly patron in a Hawaiian bar who was harassing people. The person, later identified as Flash actor Ezra Miller, became  ‘agitated’ in a karaoke bar. Miller was later charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. The arrest stemmed from an incident that had occured at a karaoke bar. According to police, they began yelling obscenities once patrons started getting on stage and singing karaoke, it got so bad to a point where they lunged at a man playing darts and snatched the mic from a woman mid-song.  

Miller, 29, was arrested after police received a call that someone was becoming aggressive when people started singing karaoke.

Miller was charged with harassment after getting asked to calm down multiple times by the bartender, but to no avail. This led to their arrest and $500 bail, which Miller paid, prompting their release.

Miller’s most famous projects are without a doubt DC’s Flash, the Fantastic Beasts series, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Unfortunately for them, the arrest will stay on his record, and Warner Bros. is on their tail. There are rumors of their possible release from their contract, which would likely be the end of their career.