Easter Springs Around the Corner


Emily James and Lily Sanders

The all-time favorite religious holiday, often represented by bunnies, chicks, eggs, and all spring and lively things, is rolling around the corner! With many traditions of this holiday, ranging from easter egg hunts to church sermons and more. Take a look at how some of our WSMS students celebrate this event.

“We go to church, have an egg hunt, and have a lot of sweets after a big dinner,” said Natasha Gittemeier, 7.

On April 17, 2022, Easter will be celebrated, whether that be children searching their homes for candy hidden by the Easter bunny, or going to church to celebrate the day Christ rose from the grave. No matter how you celebrate this special day, everyone is sure to have a good time with family and friends. We asked some WSMS students about how they celebrate Easter. 

“We color eggs, make a lot of cakes, cook brisket for dinner, and then have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt,” said Naomi Snyder, 7. 

There are also more religious based activities, such as prayers, sermons, and other forms of worship. Easter is a Christian holiday after all. We asked WSMS students about how they honor the religious events during Easter.

“We have these Hershey’s eggs that we hide around the house and find, we go to church, and then have an Easter prayer,” said Chloe Johnston, 7.

Overall, Easter is not only a great day to celebrate religious aspects, but also to have some fun with family. We hope you have a great Easter and extra long weekend!