2022 Oscars Moments to Remember


Sydney Cole

The 94th annual Academy Awards took place on March 27, and let’s just say they were a wonderful disaster. After last year’s COVID-19 induced Oscar’s we started with a bang, the show beginning with a performance from Beyoncé, singing her nominated song “Be Alive” from King Richard

As expected, Dune nearly swept the technical awards, bagging six Oscar’s; including cinematography, editing, score, and visual effects. Dune, although a slightly confusing film, is a beautiful and intense movie, and is very deserving of its awards. From the six awards, 14 different Dune crew members won Oscars for this film, all for their appropriate contributions to the film’s success. 

Another unforgettable moment was Troy Kotsur’s speech after winning for Best Supporting Actor. Kotsur, a deaf actor from CODA, gave a tribute to his father through sign, who he said was the best “signer” in his family before he was paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident. Before exiting the stage, he raises his award in the air, signing, “This is for the deaf community, the CODA community, and the disabled community.”

We were promised the first ever live performance of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from the Academy-Award winning film Encanto, but it was nothing like we expected. If you missed the red carpet, you probably didn’t hear Luis Fonsi say that rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, would be joining him, Becky G, and the cast of the film for their performance, but when she showed up all we could pay attention to was her. Don’t get me wrong, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is a great song, but when Megan showed up she livened up the show, she reminded everybody it was a celebration of accomplishments right before the Vanity Fair afterparty.

Now, even if you weren’t watching the Oscars, you’ve probably heard of this certain altercation anyway. I don’t think Chris Rock walked onto the Oscars stage expecting to get slapped across the face, but if you do, that makes sense too. The only camera angle was from the back, Chris Rock didn’t react the way we think he would, and viewership was so low last year that the Oscars might be desperate to be a topic of conversation. On the other hand, the audio wasn’t muted on the Australian or Japanese broadcast, and Will Smith is a professional, it doesn’t seem good for his career to be hitting people and then immediately win an Oscar after.

The day after the Oscars, Smith hopped on social media for damage control, saying that “Violence in all forms is poisonous and destructive.” followed by saying that “… a joke about Jada’s [Smith] medical condition was too much for me to bear.

Besides the slap drama, it was quite the show, Uma Thurman and John Travolta broke into dance and Kirsten Dunst, who was nominated for best actress this year, was called a seat-filler by, the one, the only, Amy Schumer.