Wheels v. Doors


Issy Mirfin

Starting on social media, doors or wheels has been a controversial debate. The big question is, are there more doors or wheels in the world?

Many people have been researching why its doors or why it’s wheels. Personally I think that its wheels because of all of the hot wheels that have been made. Also because of how many wheels there are on cars. I decided to interview more people to see whether they think it’s wheels or doors.

Joseph Washburn, Journalism and Graphic Art & Design teacher, said, “At least four wheels on a car. Lawn mowers, the tables in my room, and refrigerators all have wheels. Dollies have wheels. So many things have wheels. Toys have wheels. It’s not even close.”

As you can see, the data said that 60% of people thought that there are more wheels, while only 40% of people think that there are more wheels. 

“What is a wheel? A wheel is a circular shape that can rotate,” said Claire Wu, 7, “There are so many wheels in machines, cars, even the little scroll thing on your mouse. Balls can even be considered wheels. Can a piece of paper cut out in the shape of a circle be considered a wheel? YES paper is three dimensional. All of the circles in the world can be considered wheels.”

Emerson York, 7, also has a very strong opinion that there were more wheels. “Wheels! There are more wheels because bikes, cars, scooters, rolling backpacks, some chairs, some desks, door knobs, roller coasters, bicycles, wheelies, roller-skates, toys, vacuums, grocery carts, wagons, skateboards, strollers, trashcans , suitcases, elevators, lawnmowers, planes, busses, tractors, parade floats, motorcycles, hoverboards, semi-trucks, hospital beds, and junk yards.”

“Lockers, cabinets, oven doors, fridge doors, car doors, car trunks, school bus doors, cargo bins on ship doors,” said Sarah Osornio, 7, on the other side of the argument.

As you can see, many people have many different opinions and reasons for support doors or wheels. But now there is a new debate, are there more strands of hair or more shards of grass?