Newspaper Staff Debates Crumbl vs. Tiff’s Treats


Emerson York

One of the most important debates and meaningful debates of our time: Crumbl Cookies or Tiff’s Treats? Both are delicious, both are popular, but only one can be the best.

10 out of 16 interviewees like Crumbl Cookies better than Tiff’s, which is 62.5% of our interviewed students.

“I love Crumbl,” Natalie Yarad, 8, said, “Crumbl has more variety and is just better overall,”

 Lily Sanders, 7, said, “I love Crumbl Cookies because the flavors change each week and each cookie is so sweet.”

Unlike Natalie and Lily, Issy Mirfin and Sydney Cole prefer Tiff’s Treats.

Issy Mirfin, 8, stated, “’I like basic cookies and I have never tried Crumbl.”

Sydney Cole, 8, said “Tiff’s Treats is better because flavors don’t cycle through, you can get whatever you want whenever you want it.”