Meet the Counselors


Issy Mirfin

The counselors play a big role in our school culture and help ensure that WSMS is a welcoming place. They have a really big job of making sure the students are having a good school year and making certain that everything is going well for us. Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Miller split the job by last name, Mrs. Stone is the counselor for students with the last name A-Le, and Mrs. Miller is the counselor for students with last names Li-Z.

“I have worked at Willow Springs since it opened 9 years ago and was at Sloan Creek the 5 years before. I enjoy being able to guide students through their academic questions, as well as helping with their social and emotional health,” said Mrs. Stone. “The WSMS Staff is tremendous! I was in 2 other districts before coming to Lovejoy and have never seen a staff as amazing, positive, and team-oriented as ours is! All the staff on our campus want what is best for our students and are also very passionate about the subjects they teach. That’s a win-win,”

With Mr. Parker moving to the red building, they have had to take on extra responsibilities until the end of the semester. The counselors also have to make sure the students’ schedules are correct and if they want to switch classes they have to coordinate with the teachers, and make sure there’s enough space. They try everything to make school enjoyable and fun all students. 

“This is my 6th year at WSMS, but my second as a counselor. My favorite thing is being able to help and support students through their middle school years,” said Mrs. Miller. “Every day is different and is always exciting! Yes! I love it; I can’t imagine doing anything else. We all come together because we all have the same philosophy of putting kids first.”

As you can probably tell, they love their jobs and they love working at WSMS. We are so lucky to have such great staff and counselors, and we have to remember how much they do for us and how they help us!