Spotify Wrapped


Sydney Cole

At the end of every year, Spotify works to collect every user’s listening data and release their total listening minutes, top artists, top songs, among other things. This year’s ‘Spotify Wrapped’ was released on December 1, in an Instagram story-like format.

“My top song was You Miss My Heart by Phoebe Bridgers,” said Effe Sutton, 8.

This year, Spotify added an ‘Audio Aura’ feature that finds the most popular mood of your listening data, gives the moods colors, and makes a painting out of your colors.

“My top artist was Olivia Rodrigo,” said Issy Mirfin, 8.

Spotify also added a plethora of new music genres, and a ton of them don’t make a lot of sense, like ‘Dream SMP.’ Dream SMP might be the strangest genre, one because it’s named after a private-user Minecraft server, and two because the artists that get you in that genre are Billy Joel, Cardi B, Alec Benjamin, The Fray, Arctic Monkeys, and Glass Animals.

“My top artist was Dayglow,” said an anonymous eighth grader.

Unfortunately, this year was a let down for a lot of people. Personally, I liked my Wrapped, and I got to see just how much my Taylor Swift racked up in just the past few months.