Our Favorite Christmas Movies


Lexi Garza

Christmas is a very popular holiday, celebrated all over the world! People celebrate with lights, food, decorations, music, and holiday movies! Here are all the best Christmas movies that you have to see!

One of the best Christmas movies of all time is Elf. Issy Mirfin, 8, said that her favorite Christmas movie is Elf. She said, “It was really funny.” Eleven out of seventeen people interviewed voted for Elf. The graphic art and design teacher, Mr. Washburn also said that his favorite christmas movie was Elf. “I like Elf, because I think Will Farrell is very funny! Seeing him dressed up as an elf was hilarious!”

Home Alone and The Polar Express were tied for second. “I like the Polar Express,” said Sydney Cole, 8, “when we watched it at school they would always give us hot chocolate.”

Home Alone is my favorite,” said Harper Gregg, 7, “it’s funny and has a lot of action.”

A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Christmas Chronicles were tied for third place. Zahara Abedin said her favorite Christmas movie was A Charlie Brown Christmas. She said she liked the structure and the adventure.

Elf, The Polar Express, Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Christmas Chronicles are all great holiday movies that you have to see! They are all so funny and will really get you into the holiday spirit! Happy Holidays!