Cross-Country Comes to a Close

Lily Sanders and Emily James

As the first semester ends and Christmas break is around the corner, many of the athletics are ending, including cross country. Students are very sad about their sport ending with last night’s (December 7) meet.

“I’m a little nervous for the meet, but I think I’ll do better than I did in the last meet,” said Audrey Headley, 7.

Even though cross country is coming to an end, it has given many students important life skills, like learning how to motivate yourself. While cross-country might seem like an “easy” sport, it requires a great deal of endurance and mental strength. It can prove to be challenging to push yourself through a long and seemingly never ending course, but to the students, it’s worth the effort. 

“It is a very hard sport and I, personally, am not the best at it,” said a seventh grade cross country student. “But if you have dedication and a good work ethic, I think this is the sport for you!”

To celebrate the accomplishments of the cross country team, the coaches hosted a breakfast on the day of the district meet. It gave students a hearty meal that was essential for success in the meet later. The coaches are very proud of the team this year, and encourage everyone to continue training with them in the spring. This year, our WSMS divisions won almost every meet, securing the top places! All in all, they have had an amazing season and still are continuing to prosper in their running development!

A lot of runners felt like they grew as athletes and had a successful season this year, and many are already looking forward to next year.

“I think I have definitely grown as a cross country runner, but I have been running for a long time. For the past couple of years I have been running track and I never did anything over 800 meters. Long distance has been a whole new experience for me and I will definitely be running cross country again,” said a seventh grade runner.

“I think we were successful this cross country season,” said Chayse Huhnke, 7. “We have won more divisions than any other team we’ve been up against, so I think that is a thing to be proud of.”

With all that said, we wish the athletes well on their Cross Country journeys, and hopefully we will see new runners next year!

Photo: Austin May