You’re Buying More Brands Than Products


Zahara Abedin and Iris Lee

When going into a store and buying it’s products, you don’t  usually care about the price. The most important thing is usually considering if you need it, or if you only want it. Have you ever wondered that you are buying more of the brand names than  products?

For example, the company Gucci is a line of many items such as perfumes, clothes, shoes, etc. The average bag at Gucci cost  up to $2,377. For this price, you can buy an entire week’s groceries at Walmart, if not more. You can buy shoes anywhere else, so why buy them at Gucci? There was a survey that showed that if people had extra money to spend, they wouldn’t spend it at Gucci.  The List states ,”But despite Louis Vuitton’s less-than-stellar showing in this survey, a whopping 33% of respondents chose Gucci as the most overrated brand — so nearly one-third of the 692 people surveyed probably wouldn’t pick Gucci if they had some extra spending money.”

Gucci is not alone in this over price race. There is Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Lululemon, and so much more. When it comes to fashion, you might want to save your money. It is a waste of time to spend your money on overpriced brand products, you might even find some other cheaper brand that is better quality than those expensive brands. Usually, many people are obsessed with these kinds of brands and think they need them. 

As a result, the next time you go into a store that is overpriced, this is about if it is really worth it. Spending money is a habit people have to survive. For example buying groceries or treating yourself. Though many people are just wasting their time buying  these brands. Ask yourself, are you wasting time, is this something for you, do you really need it?