Astroworld Catastrophe; Several Dead and Hundreds Injured


Creighton Black

Popular artist Travis Scott had a concert on November 5th 2021, this anticipated concert that took place in Houston, Texas had over 50,000 people in attendance. Out of all the people that attended, no one could have predicted what would happen next.

Travis Scott concerts are known to host crazy fans and wild mosh pits, but this time it got out of hand. Fans were breaking down rails and fences to get tickets, injuring many people in a stampede. During the concert, people were jumping around and bumping into each other, while this isn’t unusual for an “Astroworld” concert, this one ended up deadly. 

Eight people were immediately pronounced dead, and two more died through the weekend. Videos have shown fans dancing on medical vehicles, delaying them from getting to the unconscious fans. Many of the fans that died, died from cardiac arrest. The ages of the victims ranged from 27 to even as young as 9. The concert is now in the category of ‘mass casualty incident’.

“Because of whatever reason, [fans] began to push and surge towards the front of the stage which caused the people in the front to get compressed,” said Houston Fire Chief, Sam Seña.

The following day, Travis Scott stated “I am absolutely devastated by what took place last night,” and is now working with the Houston police to help the families of the victims.