Will It Snow Next Year?


Zahara Abedin

It is already November and close to the end of 2021. With temperatures dropping at an average between 72F to 52F it is now considered the season of fall. Temperatures like this lead to many people dressing up in sweaters, long sleeve shirts, long pants, and perhaps maybe jackets. Though with weather like this, there is still one question that remains, is it going to snow again?

This year snowfall started on February 13, 2021 to February 17, 2021 during covid-19. Many students call this phenomenal event “Snowvid”. The storm caused the cancellation of schools to be closed down, such as Lovejoy isd.  Icy roads were created and it was unsafe to drive on them. The electricity infrastructure was causing power outages, and many homes had no water for days. This snowfall left Texas in shambles. If there is a chance it will snow again, let’s hope that this natural disaster doesn’t cause as much harm this year.

It is unsure if snow is predicted in Texas. Some forecasters say that it will be unlikely if another snow storm will happen, others say to be prepared. For example, the Chron states to be prepared because a snow storm is going to hit Texas. “Before the 2022 edition is slated to hit shelves next week, the almanac released its upcoming winter storm predictions, sending a shiver down the spines of Texans across the state”. While other news reports state that Texas shouldn’t be expecting a brutal winter storm but it will be cold. 

The Spectrum News 1 states that it is going to be cold but there was no content about a snow storm hitting Texas. “So with drier and warmer than average conditions expected across Texas into February 2022, it’s likely that drought conditions will continue to expand. With more available fuels, often found during winter, any strong storm system or cold front with gusty winds will create elevated fire weather conditions.”

It is still unsure if another snow storm hits Texas again, but still Texas should be prepared because it is still going to have a cold winter. Though the last time it snowed it was fun and exciting,  but we should  hope it doesn’t occur again because of this year’s extreme damage. As a result, it is the beginning of fall and getting chilly.  Even though 2022 hasn’t arrived yet, it is still this time of year to start turning on the heaters and wearing blankets and jackets.