Dole Recalls Garden Salad due to Listeria Risk


Sydney Cole

Dole, the brand most known for its fruit cups, had its garden salads recalled in 10 states after a sample of the product tested positive for listeria monocytogenes. Four different varieties of the salad were recalled: the 24-ounce Dole Garden Salad, 24-ounce Marketside Classic Salad, 12-ounce Kroger Brand Garden Salad, and the 12-ounce Salad Classic Garden Salad.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), listeria is a harmful organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections, especially in young children, senior citizens, and people with weakened immune systems. 

If listeria bacteria is consumed, you may experience short-term symptoms including, high-fever, headaches, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. The FDA has also said that listeria infections can cause miscarriages and stillborns in pregnant women.

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that about 90% of people infected with listeria are part of a high-risk group. The CDC has also estimated that around 1,600 people get sick from listeria and about 260 of those people die.

On the other hand, when healthy people are infected with listeria, they can experience mild symptoms with no symptoms at all. The fortitude of your immune system really makes all the difference against infections. When foreign bacteria enters your body, white blood cells attack that bacteria before it can spread, curing you of your sickness.