Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Charged with DUI


Dane Healey and Braden Buchek

On the night of November 3rd, Las Vegas Raiders wide-receiver, Henry Ruggs III, rear ended a woman and her dog, unfortunately killing them both.

Police have stated that 2.5 seconds before the crash, he was going 156mph, and 127 by the time airbags were deployed. It has also been stated that Ruggs had a loaded and unregistered firearm in his car. His blood alcohol content was 0.16, twice Nevada’s legal limit, making him legally drunk.

Ruggs has been a star wide-receiver for the Raiders this year, and this come as a shock to many. In response to the accident, the Raiders immediately released Ruggs from the team.

Ruggs was sent to jail, but paid his prison bail of $150,000. He attended court again on November 10, and since he is being tried for two felony counts of DUI causing death/substantial bodily harm, two felony counts of reckless driving resulting in death/substantial bodily harm, and a misdemeanor for possession of a gun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he is facing a number of years in state prison.