7th Grade Red Team Wins District, goes Undefeated – QB Writeup


Braden Buchek

Seventh grade football red team finished out the season 9-0. We played Allen Curtis on November 2 for District, and we won 36-12.

The game was very cold and rainy, causing players to be uncomfortable for the duration of the game. It made it much harder for the me to catch the snap, but I managed to get a touchdown pass off in the first play of the game, and ran for a touchdown later in the game. This season I had 20 touchdowns – 10 rushing and 10 passing.

Against Curtis, our running back, Major Morris, had two touchdowns as well. Stone Schafer had a pick-six on the defensive side. Allen Curtis had a very fast running back, but out defense was able to stop him after struggling in the first quarter.

All of the players on the team went crazy when the game ended, as we had just ended the season without losing once.

Offensive Coordinator and coach, Jeffrey Higgins, said “This is the best Red Team that we’ve ever had.”

Lovejoy Red Team had an amazing season and all of their had work has paid off.