What Happened to Lovejoy Elementary?


Charlton Kim

This year, Lovejoy Elementary is no longer serving grades k-4. Many students that went to Lovejoy were slightly sad that the school they once went to was gone. Although many students knew that Lovejoy Elementary shut down, many don’t have a clue why.

There’s no simple explanation but from what most of us understand, it had to do with funding.

The school noticed that all of the elementary schools had lots of room for more students, which meant that there were problems with “efficiency.” The amount of students also heavily affects the amount of funding schools get, and it costs a lot of money to keep a building running.

Despite how sad it could be for Lovejoy Elementary Alumni, it does help the district a lot. The other elementary schools, Hart and Puster, have more students. The change should also benefit the Early Learning school.