Alec Baldwin Accidentally Fires Prop Gun with Real Bullets


Sydney Cole

The Director of Photography for the working film ‘Rust’, was shot and killed after Alec Baldwin, the star of the film, fired a prop gun, unaware that there was a live round in it.

“We suspect there were other live rounds found on set,” said Adan Mendoza, Santa Fe County Sheriff, “We’re going to determine how those got there, why they were there, because they shouldn’t have been there.”

Both Hutchins and director, Joel Souza, were injured in the accident and rushed to the University of New Mexico hospital by helicopter. Unfortunately, Hutchins died, but Souza is still holding on in the hospital.

Mendoza stated that there were 600 pieces of evidence found on set, so far, including 3 firearms and 500 rounds of ammunition.

“I think the facts are clear – a weapon was handed to Mr. Baldwin. The weapon [was] functional and fired a live round killing Mrs. Hutchins and injuring Mr. Souza,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza confirmed in a statement that two other people had handled the weapon before getting it to Baldwin, the film’s armourer Hannah Guiterrez-Reid and assistant director David Halls. Mr. Halls told reporters that he didn’t check all the rounds in the firearm before handing it to Baldwin.

Mr. Baldwin and the film crew have hired their own private law firm to conduct an investigation into the incident. Many people all over the country believe that it is highly unlikely charges will be held against Baldwin.

This awful incident has brought light to the topic of set safety in Hollywood, and the use of prop weapons on sets. This is not the first time an accident like this has happened, so it’s quite obvious, something has to change.