North Face Backpacks Rise in Popularity around WSMS


Laura Portera

Before the school year starts, you get a long list of school supplies to prepare yourself for school, but another very important thing you’ll need is a backpack. The most popular backpack brands are Jansport, Fjallraven, and the most popular, North Face.

“I see more North Face clothes than backpacks,” said Mrs. Emory, WSMS librarian.

In one class, we counted 5 North Face backpacks!

The backpacks are very high quality and have a lot of handy pockets, but prices are high at around $100 for a backpack, and lunch totes are around $40.

“I definitely see more North Face backpacks than anything else,” said Mr. Washburn, Journalism and Graphic Art & Design teacher.

Following trends can be expensive since trends change daily. Naturally, most people want to follow trends, but it’s important to understand the cost!