Lost and Found Overflowing


Zahara Abedin

It is only the beginning of the year, yet we have a record of lost items. Humans are always making mistakes, and hey that is ok! It is normal for humans to lose things every once and a while, but the lost and found is now Lost Items Peak.

The Lost and Found is located in the open space as you walk down the hall from the Gym to the Library. You would be able to tell it is Lost and Found because there are many water bottles, bags, books, and sweaters. I know it is really hard to find.  The Lost and Found is a place where students and staff members place stray items they find and don’t know where the owner is (Please feel free to pick up your items during passing periods or lunch). All necessities from the lost and found usually end up there and by the time the end of the year arrives, this place ends up full with miscellaneous items. These times will usually be donated to the Allen Outreach Center. 

Backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles, and clothing items all sit in the lost and found in front of the library.

Some of these items are left in other places such as the cafeteria and classrooms. This makes these things harder to find. It is easier if you keep your item with you all the time and write your name on it so if you knew you had lost it. It is also best if you keep items in lockers or backpacks so you can retrieve them at the end of the day. The lost and found is a great place, but keeping up with so many items, it will eventually be lost in the amount of items.  

 Items are increasing almost everyday. For example, at the beginning of the year, there were 0 items. On Friday, October 29, there were 103 items ( there were about 54 water bottles if not more). On November 4, there were 61 water bottles, 18 lunch boxes, 4 books, over 3 school supplies, over 50 clothing items such as shirts and sweaters, 5 bags,and shoes that had begun to make their own pile. Imagine what this will be like by the end of the year. 

This is an extreme amount of items for one school lost and found, so please get your things from there. These items that are there now will eventually be donated  BY THE END OF THIS SEMESTER, so if you want to keep your item, I suggest you grab it quickly!