How Students are using the WSMS Library


Zahara Abedin and Lily Sanders

 There are libraries almost everywhere, but have we ever wondered where they came from? The library is the place that we use to study, do homework, read, relax, etc. Libraries are located in schools, and often in certain cities open for your benefit, like the Allen Public Library. These places are commonly used by the public to check out books without purchasing them. Let’s go back to the time where it all began.

The first ever system of the library was located in the ancient Middle east in 7th century BCE and was approved by the ruler. This library during the time perdion contained many clay tablets, documenta and litateur pieces squash as  “Epic of Gilgamesh”.As Britannica States ,”The library concept dates back millennia. The first systematically organized library in the ancient Middle East was established in the 7th century BCE by Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal in Nineveh, in contemporary Iraq. It contained approximately 30,000 cuneiform tablets assembled by topic. Many of the works were archival documents and scholarly texts, but there were also works of literature, including the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh. Like many bibliophiles, Ashurbanipal was very protective of his library. An inscription in one of the texts warns that potential thieves would face the wrath of the gods.” 

Today, our WSMS students visited the school library as a quiet place to get work done. 

“I think the library is great,” said Alyson Porter, 7. “I enjoy going to the library to have lunch and do homework.” 



It’s also a good place for students to eat lunch and maybe catch up on some work for their classes, which is evidenced by the growing number of students in our library during lunch.

“I go to the library because it is quiet and eat lunch and do projects,” said Naomi Snyder, 7.

And Snyder certainly wasn’t the only one we spoke to who felt like the library was a good place to eat lunch and catch up on work with her friends (who are doing the same thing).

“I go to the library to get work done, hang out with friends, and usually eat lunch there.” said Savannah Conway, 7.

But, maybe, some students just want to use the library as a quiet place, which is OK, too!

“I eat lunch in the library  and I enjoy it because it is quiet.” said Chloe Johnston, 7. 

We should all appreciate the time Mrs. Emory, the school librarian, takes to be there if we have tech problems, or even just some help finding a good book to read. Many students don’t acknowledge how beautiful of a place the library is, and just think it’s a boring place where you read books. But it’s so much more than that. Activities are everywhere here and even if you just need to rest, the library gives you the peace and quiet that we all need. 

“I think the library is important because it is where people find books and it brings them excitement. The library is also where kids can embrace their hobbies and everyone can feel safe and belong.” Said Mrs. Emory, WSMS school librarian. 

Overall, the library is not just “the place to read or check out a book.” It has much more than just what you see.