Half Birthdays


Iris Lee

Once a year, our birthday comes; and with that is celebration, parties, and cake. However, a birthday most people don’t care about, and sometimes don’t even know about are half birthdays.

What exactly are half birthdays? Half birthdays are very complicated to calculate because months do not have the same number of days.

“When is your half birthday? A “Half Birthday” is not necessarily a birthday plus 6 months. It gets messy because of leap years and the fact that months don’t all have the same number of days in them.” Is the official definition most people agree on.

To calculate your half birthday, simply take your birthday and go forward 6 months. Even though the number will not turn out to be exact, your half birthday will be around that date.

When asking 8th graders what they think about half birthdays, there are mixed responses.

“No what the heck, half birthdays are for weirdos,” says an anonymous 8th grader.

Another 8th grader states, “I don’t know anyone who celebrates half birthdays.”

I then went on to ask 7th graders.

“I’ve heard of half birthdays but never celebrate half birthdays. However, it does sound like a fun thing to do for people who can’t celebrate their normal birthday.” explains Zahara Abedin.

“I use half birthdays to remember other people’s birthdays.” says Claire Wu. It sure is smart to use that tactic when you can’t remember birthdays!

“I honestly hate half birthdays. If you’re 12 just say you are 12! Saying 12 and a half just makes you sound like you want to sound older. ‘Hey guys! I’m 12 and a tenth!’ ‘No one cares!’ says a very excited and passionate 7th grader.

It’s clear the responses are varied, however it’s up to you if you want to celebrate your half birthday.