WSMS Electives: Intro to Computer Science


Charlton Kim

Intro to computer science is a great class to get started on coding for 7th and 8th graders. It is taught by Coach Evans and we are currently using a great website to start learning code called CodeHS. Intro to Compute Science is an elective open to both seventh and eighth grade students. Taught by Coach Evans, this class is a great way to get an early start on coding using a the website CodeHS.

“I like CodeHS, because I like to code.” said Spencer Bemis, 7.

At the beginning of the year, computer science students useda program called Karel, a beginner program that helps you get started on understanding what coding is. In Karel, you get a dog which you can more around and make do things with coding. CodeHS gives you a challenge to do certain things with Karel, like making the end result of the program look different from it did in the beginning.

“I’ve always enjoyed coding, and I have always thought it was cool to put a series of letters and numbers into a program and see what it does, but another hard thing about it is that I’m in a class full of boys. As one of three girls in my class, it’s been a challenge fitting in.” said Chayse Huhnke, 7.

Recently, computer science students did Javascript, graphics, and Javascript control structures, but will soon start functions and parameters in Javascript. Just like Karel, in Javascript you type out your code to make certain things happen on the screen. You can make graphics on your computer, or even a code that converts US dollars to Euros.

“I am very confident that I can use computer science to solve problems in the real world.” said Ameena Chowdhury, 7.

There are so many different and cool things you can do using code. Overall, I think that intro to computer science is a great class to get started on coding, especially since technology is being more integrated into everyday society, being able to code could just pay off one day.