Leopard Friday


Natalie Yarad

Every year, Lovejoy holds Leopard Friday, a fun get-together for the community before a varsity football game. Leopard Friday takes place in the LHS courtyard, where booths are set up from the clubs, high school students paint your face, games to play, and prizes to win.

“I was really excited for the half day, and also excited for the football game since I haven’t been able to go to one yet,” said Lexi Garza, 8.

Reagan Platz enjoys concessions at the football game on Friday evening. Photo: Holland Hutchins

School days are halved on Leopard Friday, so that anyone who wants to come can do so. At 4:00pm, food and games open, at 5:00pm the pep rally with the band, choir, and cheerleaders, and lastly at 7:00pm, the football games and volleyball games will begin.

Around 10:00pm, Leopard Friday ends and won’t begin again until next year.