Cowboys Comeback to win over Patriots in OT


Creighton Black

Sunday, October 17th, the Dallas Cowboys departed from home to play in Foxborough, MA against the New England Patriots. Dallas was going into the game with a record of 4-1 while the Patriots were 2-3. Everyone thought this would be an easy victory for Dallas, but the Patriots were not gonna go down easy.

The Patriots grabbed an early lead in the 1st quarter, they went on a 34-yard drive ending in a 4-yard touchdown with a run up the middle by Damian Harris. Not to be out down the Cowboys went on an amazing 74-yard drive to score their very own touchdown with a pass to Blake Jarwin. This lead didn’t last long though, because later in the quarter, the Patriots had another touchdown with a 20-yard pass to Hunter Henry from rookie quarterback Mac Jones. After the 1st quarter ended, the Patriots had the lead 14-7.

Luckily, the 2nd and 3rd quarter were very different for the Cowboys, in the second quarter the Cowboys held the Patriots to 14 points while adding 3 points from a field goal. At the end of the half, it was 14-10 to New England’s favor. At the start of the next half the Cowboys had a field day scoring a touchdown and a field goal.  While on the other side of the ball, our defence held the Patriots to scoring nothing, and at the end of the third quarter it was the Cowboys leading the game 20-14.

As we now know, the Patriots were not going down as easy as we hoped. They book back the lead; scoring a touchdown in the beginning of the 4th quarter making the score 20-21, but in the next few minutes rookie satay and league-wide sensation Trevon Diggs intercepted the ball and ran it back for a touchdown. The score was now 26-21.

However, the lead did not last long. The Patriots scored yet another touchdown, making the favor 29-26 to the Patriots. The Cowboys refused to go down easy, they went on an impeccable 80-yard drive to get into field goal range. The pressure was all on the kicker, Greg Zuerlein, who had already missed an extra-point that night. Fortunately, he sunk the field goal. The score was now 29-29 going into overtime.

CeeDee Lamb, wide-receiver from OU, scored the winning touchdown to make the score 35-27.

Not many people expected the Cowboys to do so well this season, like every other season, but with the win over the Patriots, they have won their 5th straight game at the end of Week 7.