Mr. Parker Headed to the Red Building, Leaving WSMS


Emerson York

On October 18th, Mr. Parker, Head Principal at Willow Springs, announced that he had accepted a new position at the Red Building (Administration) in Lovejoy ISD, and would be leaving his position as Head Principal.

Mr. Parker has been serving in Lovejoy ISD for over 15 years.

“I am super sad,but excited about the new journey he will take on,” Mrs. Merrick, Assistant Principal said. “He is such a tremendous leader and he is so sweet to the kids and the staff.” 

Mr.Parker began his career at Lovejoy as a 6th grade social studies teacher at what was then Lovejoy Middle School. He also served at Puster and WSMS. He has been offered the position of the position of Executive Director of Human Resources and Communication at the Red Building, and hopes to have a larger impact.

My hopes were to grow professionally and personally with my entire career in Lovejoy ISD,” Mr. Parker said in a community newsletter. “This remains my goal. This growth opportunity will allow me to not only serve the almost 800 students and over 65 staff at WSMS, but now the over 4,300 students and approximately 560 staff members throughout the district.”

“I am really sad, because he was also my principal at Puster,” 7th grade student Sarah Osornio said. “I am sad to see him leave WSMS, but I am excited for the new things he will do for Lovejoy.”

Mr Parker will be missed, b​ut we are excited for his new beginnings.

The students and staff on each of our campuses is truly what makes this district second to none,” Mr. Parker said.  “This why I feel compelled to serve in an even greater capacity.”