Students Begin Thinking about College Early


Leia Zirogiannis

We’re only in 7th and 8th grade, so thinking about college seems unrealistic. Well, some people are already thinking about college and making plans as to where they are going to go. 

Evelyn Barnett, a 7th grade WSMS student, has aspirations to have two years at University of California, one year at Spelman University, and 2-4 years at Harvard Law. Evelyn wants to be a lawyer. Some of her backup jobs include a PHD in literature and a doctor. She doesn’t know what she wants to major/minor in, though. Her parents background of colleges explain why she wants to go to these prestigious schools. Her mom went to UNT and got her bachelors in media and tech. Her dad went to one of the most prestigious schools in the country- Harvard. 

Harper Jaynes sports her A&M gear in the library. (Leia)

Elise Reed, a 7th grade student at WSMS, does not know what college she wants to go to, but she also has aspirations like Evelyn. She wants to major in theatre and minor in art, and wants to either be an artist or have a job relating to theatre. I further questioned her about if she knows what location she wants to go to, and she said she wants to go far away to explore new states/countries and different cultures.

It might seem impractical to think about college at this young, but many people started thinking about it ever since they were kids.