WSMS Electives: Art


Leia Zirogiannis

It’s only been a few years since Art started counting as a fine art at WSMS, and many people hopped right on that. This years art teacher, Ms. Rivera, is new to the district, but has been doing art for a very long time.

“I have been drawing professionally since I was in middle school, and I teach art because I can’t imagine any other place that I would rather be than the art room.”

There are two different art classes, Art I and Art II, for seventh graders and eighth graders taking art for the first time, you are put in Art I, but if you were in Art I the year before, eighth graders are put in Art II.

“I do like art. This is my first year doing it in middle school. I don’t really know if I am doing it in high school.” said Sarah Elmenayer, 7.

Despite this being Ms. Rivera’s first year, the art students love her, and WSMS is lucky to have her.