WSMS Theatre Takes On Cinderella


Iris Lee and Zahara Abedin

The WSMS theatre has chosen Cinderella for their first play of the school year. Every theatre student is working hard to make this the best show possible. Both SCIS and WSMS students can participate in the play, and with the help of Ms. D’Souza, the WSMS choir teacher, cast members are learning choreography and songs.

 “I really enjoy working with all my friends, and I am excited for my first school show,” said Cora Craver, 7.

Tech students have one of the hardest jobs. When you are in tech, you don’t act or read lines, it is your job to run on stage between scenes and move around the set for the next one. Tech students are also responsible for creating, designing, adding props, and finding costumes that match every role.

“I think the cast is progressing,” said Pablo Duran De La Vega, 8. “We are getting better for each rehearsal.” 

The first show is on Thursday, October 28, at 7pm in the high school auditorium. Shows will last through the week until Saturday, October 30. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets.