The Lovejoy Community Comes Together

Issy Mirfin

The lovejoy community has been divided for many reasons. Whether it’s politics surrounding COVID-19 or the decisions the school board has made. 

I think people in our area are so quick to judge, that they see something on social media and can’t help but cause problems,” said Sydney Cole, 8.

Nevertheless, the community has proven multiple times that we can come together in tragedy.

A few weeks ago, my brother, Oli Mirfin, broke his tibia and fibula while playing football. As soon as it happened, people were sending their prayers and wishing Oli a speedy recovery. While he was at the hospital, people were reaching out and asking the my family if there was anything they could do; even though we had only moved to Lovejoy 2 weeks prior. When the family got home from the hospital, they found pillows, trays, cast coverings, and so many more things at their front door. The community also set up a meal train, so the family wouldn’t have to worry about getting dinner together.

I think that everyone is very together and cares for one another,” said Natalie Yarad, 8.

The individual beliefs of a Lovejoy member are different for everyone, but we can always count on the community in times of disaster,