Bedwars on Roblox


Iris Lee

Bedwars, now a Roblox game, is an adaptation of the original Minecraft gamemode, but the Roblox version is nothing but a hit. To win the game, you have to work with your teammate to destroy the opposing team’s bed, while simultaneously protecting your bed. The first team to destroy the opposing teams bed wins.

Since being put on Roblox, kits have been introduced. Kits give you special abilities and an outfit to use during the game. Since the games success, the developers have been adding new things constantly, including game modes.

Bedwars has been getting tons of attention on social media, many famous YouTubers have been trying out the game, and all of the attention on multiple different platforms has led to over 1.2 billion visits and tons of active players. When all of this comes together, we can see the game on its clear path to success.