Allen ISD has been Cyber-Attacked


Blake Clancy and Zahara Abedin

In the last couple of weeks, reportedly, Allen ISD was hacked. Supposedly, they are being threatened these hackers for over $10,000,000. Sometime in September, a few hackers found access to the personal information of some staff, students, and even parents. This could include credit card numbers, social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses. 

“While we have not seen any evidence that your personal information was exposed, I want you to know that Allen ISD takes your privacy and confidentiality seriously,” said Dr. Robin Bullock, Allen ISD Superintendent, “We will continue to investigate this incident, and we will contact you if your sensitive data was taken in this situation.”

Allen ISD Administration has stated that they’ll safely hand the situation over the police, so the situation is properly taken care of. As excepted, parents aren’t happy with the situation. They trust the district to responsibly handle their personal information, and isn’t reassuring when it’s being held against them.

“The first thing you want to know is what information was put at risk,” said Greg Harp, Allen ISD parent.

This incident has spread all over the state, it’s not everyday a whole district can be cyber-attacked. Hopefully, the situation will be handled quickly, as to keep all people associated with Allen ISD as safe as possible.

“Often, you’re going to be asked for social security numbers, but you don’t have to give that. School’s really don’t need it,” said Wyatt Lesley Black, a Southern Methodist University professor in Education Policy and Leadership, “These kinds of data breaches keep school administrators up at night.”