Orchestra Holds First Concert of the Year


Lily Sanders and Claire Wu

This past Wednesday, October 13, 2021, was the first orchestra concert of the year. It was originally planned to be a courtyard concert, and take place in the Lovejoy High School courtyard, but was moved inside to the Lovejoy High School Auditorium, due to concerns about the weather.

“It was really exciting and a little nerve-wracking, but overall it was a great experience,” said a WSMS Philharmonic cellist.

The concert lasted 2 hours, from 6-8pm. Both WSMS Orchestras and LHS Orchestra performed. All orchestra students prepared nonstop for this concert, and that big moment on stage. Most students were nervous, this being the first concert of the year.

Many visitors stayed the whole two hours, although guests were constantly moving to and fro, trying to get the best angle of the performers. 

In the performance, the Lovejoy Orchestra Booster Club was able to aid the experience by hiring a percussionist, and purchasing a harp and a cajon, a drum-like instrument used to amplify the sound. Overall, the Lovejoy Booster Club has been a huge success, with about half of the orchestra families contributing. Even so, more members are needed to help with the big events coming up, including the Spirit Night at Mod Pizza all day next Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021.

The Lovejoy High School Orchestras played in between the WSMS Orchestras, adding an extra touch to the concert. Some songs that were played by the Willow Springs orchestras were ‘Maiden’s Rescue’, ‘Nightrider’, and ‘Land of Dragons’.

“We need a lot of work in the cello section but overall we sounded very good,” said an anonymous seventh grade Chamber cellist. 

Overall, students, teachers, and parents think the concert went really well. Most insurgent players can’t wait for the next concert, the Christmas concert!