Texas vs. OU


Lily Sanders

For as long as most people can remember, there has been a college football rivalry between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners, but why did this begin in the first place? Constant games against each other soon enough became major competition and conflict. Since they have been competing since the beginning of college football, the tradition stands strong.

Most students have a very strong opinion on which college to root for, because of the Sooners and Longhorns rivalry, students sometimes compete on whose college is better. 

“Both [Texas and OU] suck. OSU for the win!” said an anonymous seventh grade student.

Thankfully, most students are respectful to each other about their different opinions.

“I don’t despise the Longhorns, but they’re not my favorite,” said an anonymous eighth grade student.

Since college football has began once again, Texas and OU went head-to-head yet again, fighting over whether the horns go up or down. Games with these two teams can be aggressive, on the field and off. Fans often argue of which team is better, and this can lead to large arguments and that can define who we are. The two teams faced off in the Red River Rivalry, and it was a close game. In the first half, Texas was ahead by 3 touchdowns, 28 to 7, but lost their streak in the second half, while Oklahoma had a major comeback after benching starting quarterback, Spencer Rattler, and replacing him with freshman, Caleb Williams. The final score was 55 to 48, giving Oklahoma one of their biggest wins yet.

“I like the Sooners, my family is all from Oklahoma and a lot of them went there,” said Lexi Garza, 8. “Two of my cousins are at OU right now.”

Both of these schools have amazing football programs, and every time they face each other, it’s a toss-up for the winner, but this time Caleb Williams made the difference