Students Comment on First Tests of the Year


Holland Hutchins

As we creep into the second quarter of the year, all core classes have started giving quizzes and tests regularly. Test lengths vary widely, some can be about 6 questions, and some other tests are up to about 50 questions long. This completely depends on the subject and the speed of which the class moves.

“They [tests] weren’t a surprise,” said a 7th who wished to remain anonymous. “But the level of difficulty has definitely increased between the intermediate school and the middle school.”

Teachers and students can both agree that tests between SCIS and WSMS have a difference in difficulty, while SCIS tests are based on textbook and memorization, WSMS tests depend more on inferencing and putting several ideas together to form the answer.

“They [tests] are hard and some of them only have a few questions,” said Sarah Osornio, 7. “so if you miss a few, then it really hurts your grade.”